Glenn’s Army Surplus, Inc

Locally Owned and Family Run Since 1979

114 East Mill Street
Colorado Springs, CO 80903

Open 8:00am to 5:30pm Monday through Saturday

Our family store ships anywhere in the world! Please note that our online shop has now been purchased by Venture Surplus, another great family owned surplus store.

Glenn’s Army Surplus store is your CIF Turn-In Headquarters.

Glenn and his family specialize in genuine United States Military surplus, and we are fully stocked and ready to be your go-to surplus store.

We will buy your LOCAL gear for cash…

…and, we have all the military gear you need at our store!

We will buy ALL the Local army surplus gear you bring in, we don’t ‘cherry pick’ and leave you with leftover gear. Any gear we decide not to resell we donate to those in need. Due to logistical constraints, we only buy gear off of local individuals and all military surplus gear must be brought into the store, no phone quotes.

We offer new inventory daily! Browse through 5000 square feet of dusty, interesting, eclectic shelves, tubs, and bins of genuine army & military surplus, or place an order online or by phone. We also pride ourselves on quickly fulfilling special orders and requests.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Military Surplus?

True military surplus is exactly as the name implies – surplus inventory contracted by the military for use by the military that is either no longer needed or is repurposed into other markets. As such, genuine military issue gear will be categorized either in New condition or Used condition. Anything Glenn’s sells as used will be in excellent condition and specifics will be given for every item used for sale. All used military surplus gear will function effectively for any military critical mission. New condition items will be surplus! Which means it may or may not have tags. We will designate New when we see NO signs of use. New items may have the NSN number blacked out. This happens at the contracted manufacturer’s plant when the quantity of merchandise produced for the military contract exceeded the amount the military ended up purchasing, creating a factory over-run. The NSN number is blacked out sometimes to indicate that the gear was not originally sold to the US Military even though it had been contracted by the US Military at some point. We examine all our gear carefully at our Army surplus store and do a very good job with our categorizations. But always remember – No sales are final and your satisfaction is guaranteed.

What gear do you buy, and how do I sell to you?

We will buy any and all military gear you have in excess and want to sell. Please bring everything in that you want to sell at one time and we will quickly go through it and offer you a cash price as well as a trade in price in the event you need additional gear. We will not cherry pick through your gear and only buy some and leave you with gear to get rid of. If it is legal for us to purchase, we will buy it. Excess gear that we cannot use in our retail store is donated to homeless shelters. Some gear is illegal for us to purchase. We cannot buy body armor, optics, electronics and MRE’s. All we need is either your driver’s license or your military ID.

Where do you buy your surplus gear?

We buy our gear from the US Government at auctions, off the streets from soldiers, and numerous proprietary sources around the country and world. We have a rotating selection of US Military gear and foreign military surplus and collectible militaria.

Is your gear genuine US Military products? How can we tell?

We rarely sell ‘after-market’ or copies of the genuine gear. If we do, it is clearly stated as ‘non-issue’ or ‘commercial’. All US military surplus gear is made in the USA and this is the easiest way to tell if the gear is issue/legit gear or commercial. Expect all our gear to be issue/genuine gear unless we very specifically note that it is not.

Do you give discounts?

We do not give discounts at our Army surplus store because it is our goal to keep our prices low for everyone who walks through the door. We want the experience of purchasing legit-kit at Glenn’s to be easy. Besides that, 99% of our customer’s are service men and women, whether it be the armed forces or government works and law officials.

What makes you different from your competitors?

Glenn’s is the longest running military surplus store in Colorado! We have been family owned and operated since 1979. We have experience, we have contacts, we focus on great legit-kit items at good prices with superior customer service – and we have integrity! Our family name is behind every action we take, and we are deeply appreciative of our service men and women. Every day is a privilege to serve our military and law enforcement community.

How do I get to your store?

Click on the link in our address below – Google Maps will pop right up directing you.

114 East Mill Street
Colorado Springs, CO 80903
Open 8:00am to 5:30pm Monday through Saturday

It’s simple at Glenn’s… we are good at what we do!

Glenn’s is a true, old fashioned army surplus store. Our family military surplus store has had the privilege of serving the military community as well as state wide Law Enforcement and Department of Corrections communities since 1979. We assist our armed forces stationed at Fort Carson, Shriever AFB, Peterson AFB, the United States Air Force Academy and NORAD as they ETS, PCS, MOS and clear CIF Turn In with USGI gear.As a family-run business, we maintain high integrity and strive to build valuable connections that will help us serve our customers better. Our goal is to remain authentic, humble, honest, and approachable; that is why we don’t have titles at work. Our commitment to you is to provide superior customer service ,offer fair prices on genuine U.S.A military surplus items, and maintain a vast selection of new authentic, and genuine surplus items.

We get great stuff, new items every day.

You can count on us to find great tactical gear at superior prices and to pass these items onto our customers. We are not a fancy operation; we are just a real, approachable, heartland of America, family-run business with superior connections and unbeatable integrity. We operate our army surplus business the same way we run our lives: with honor, integrity, and humble, honest hard work! None of us have titles at our military surplus store; we all just work for a living, as you do.

The only thing that ever changes at Glenn’s is our inventory.

We purchase directly from government at military auctions around the country. That combined with our policy of buying gear directly from our local soldiers creates a wonderful selection of always new, genuine, and authentic military products to browse through. What you see during one visit to our surplus store may never be seen again. We cannot begin to contemplate listing every item online, so the inventory you see in our online military surplus store will be different from what you find in our local store. If you need something you do not see, drop us an email or give us a call at (877) 712-9828.

Visit Glenn’s Army Surplus

We are located a few blocks South of downtown Colorado Springs, CO, a few miles from the main entrance of Fort Carson Army Base and across town from Shriever and Peterson Air Force Bases and the United States Air Force Academy (2 blocks North of I-25 and South Nevada).

114 East Mill Street
Colorado Springs, CO 80903
Open 9:00am – 5:30pm Tuesday – Friday, 10:00am – 5:00pm Saturday, Closed Sunday & Monday

Local: (719) 634-9828
Toll Free: (877) 712-9828

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